Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Back on-line again

You wouldn't believe the amount of work a new pc can cause.  My laptops have both been giving me problems for a while now, one very old Dell displays the picture as though the screen was hour-glass shaped.  The other one doesn't like to talk to the internet, it is very temperamental as to whether or not it will find our network.  It finds everyone else's but struggles with ours.  In the end I decided to go for a desktop rather than laptop as I tend to use it in my workroom all the time and don't take it anywhere.   So Yesterday it arrived and I thought what a good idea it would be if I just moved my usual work place to the other side of the room!!!!    My dh and ds spent last night and most of this morning removing units and relocating plugs, wires etc.  I am under pain of death to move it again.  But at last I'm up and running and still getting used to Windows 7.   I will keep one of my laptops as my Version 6 of the Bernina software won't work on Windows 7 correctly and the cost of upgrading to ver 7 is out of the question.  

So what have I done since last we spoke, not a lot really.  I'm in the process of finishing my March Journal Page, another Zentangle one, this time black with painted bits.  I'll show you later what it looks like.  Apart from that I've done a bit of walking much to the distress of my poor arthritic toes but they need the exercise.

We went to Farndale on the North York Moors to see the daffodils but when we got there they weren't out yet. Spring reaches those parts later than anywhere else.

These were the only daffs we  found.

 Friday we took Buster for a walk along the dismantled railway line from Mickleton in Teesdale to Romaldskirk - about 2 miles each way.  It was a lovely Spring day and Buster was very keen to see the Black Sheep.
 When we got to Romaldskirk we stopped at the village inn for a drink, Buster has finished his.
 The village was inhabited in Roman times and there are still stocks on The Green from medieval times.
The old church stands at the other end of The Green.  The walk back was harder due to our muscles stiffening up after sitting in the sun outside the inn.   Buster didn't complain though he could have turned round and gone back again!!

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Yes I am still alive

I've just been hibernating now that the cold has returned.  Actually I've had a bit of a head cold and not done much at all.  My mad splurge last month has tired me out, oh dear!!!  But I have caught up with the Accuquilt blocks and have photographed them, well sort of they all seem a bit skewed but you'll get the idea. 

They are all 12"squares not odd sizes as the photos shows.  I enjoyed making them and have been quite impressed with the Accuquilt Go.  Problem is I got a bit carried away and ended up with lots more 3" triangles than I needed so if I don't use them at the end of this BOM I'll have to find something else to do with them.

One other thing I got round to doing was to make a Linus Quilt from old tshirts.  I cut off the sleeves and separated the backs and fronts then cut 6"squares and sewed them together with my overlocker.  I overlocked the border edges before putting the border on.  The back, border and flowers are made from some blue fleece I bought a while back to make a sweatshirt for dh and never got round to making.

This is a close up of the squares and flowers.

The next thing to finish is March's journal page but my mind is a blank at the moment.