Saturday, 19 October 2013

Machine Stitches Swap

It's been a difficult few days, first Keith's blood count dropped to dangerous levels and he developed a sepsis rash.  He's recovered now but I was unable to do much while he was ill.  Then I got a really nasty bug on my PC and it had to be fully recovered but we are all better now.

In the meantime I've received two cards from the Machine Stitches swap, one from Alice and one from Miriam.

I finally finished my cards and these will be in the post on Monday.
My first effort was combining stitches in my embroidery unit but I gave up after the first one because of the amount of spare fabric needed to hoop it into the machine.   I wasted most of it so I decided just to use the stitches on the machine itself.

Can't seem to get a larger image, Blogger turns the photo blue but doesn't offer the other sizes. Pity as it did do it for the other photos.  Anyone else have this problem?
Anyway my second effort using the machine stitches available on my 830 sewn onto felt.  Then I sewed similar strips using white felt and black thread.  The idea was that I would sew them onto a backing in alternate colours but that didn't happen.
With the left over white felt I made interwoven cards.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

September Doll Quilt

Quilt for Francine, we decided not to go with the theme of "quilt within a quilt" but to do our own thing. Francine likes bright colours and negative spaces, just hopes she likes my "Flight Path".

Detail of Flight Path

Final two cards from the "Use it Up - Spare Cards" swap.  Love both of these Jacquie's card is the top one and is left over from a Red swap.  Janet's card is the blue one and it reminds me of a painter but the name eludes me.  I'll probably remember it at 3am....