Tuesday, 1 October 2013

September Doll Quilt

Quilt for Francine, we decided not to go with the theme of "quilt within a quilt" but to do our own thing. Francine likes bright colours and negative spaces, just hopes she likes my "Flight Path".

Detail of Flight Path

Final two cards from the "Use it Up - Spare Cards" swap.  Love both of these Jacquie's card is the top one and is left over from a Red swap.  Janet's card is the blue one and it reminds me of a painter but the name eludes me.  I'll probably remember it at 3am....


Plum Cox said...


Love your quilt - very fresh and pretty!

quilter000 said...

I like it how creative of you she is going to love it I bet!
fellow doll quilter Quilter000

Francine said...

Like it? NO - love it? YES!! A thousand thank yous - it is absolutely beautiful and hanging in my entry way so all visitors can see my beautiful "Flight Path" and how funny that my hubby is a pilot with his own flight path!! :)