Thursday, 27 June 2013

Done a bit of sewing, not much

but at least its a start.  I saw a pattern for a bib on the web and decided to make Flynn a couple.

Photo has come in sideways again but at least you can see the bibs.  The backs are towelling to absorb the dribbles.

I received another gift 'naked flower' postcard, this time from Jan.   I'm feeling much more cheerful after all the good wishes and prayers from everyone.

Jan has used real seed heads for this card and I love the concept of using naturally naked flowers.
A couple of days ago I saw these books advertised at a reduced price in Amazon and they arrived this morning.

I to have a go at making dog bag and several of the projects in these books.  Never made anything before designed by Lynne Anderson but I think its time to make a start on my Christmas presents.  At last a spark of interest in sewing.  As these patterns also include embroidery its just the thing for me to do while sitting with his lordship.

Monday, 24 June 2013

It's been a difficult few days but we are getting there.

We are finding not being able to drive a real bind.  Family have been wonderful but we hate having to ask for lifts to go food shopping.  I continue to improve but it will be another 3 weeks before I am allowed to drive.  As for Keith, he is having a much tougher time and at times he worries me.  This morning he said his head felt strange and he couldn't get his balance (this is new) he had a constant headache and his face had a very slight droop.   After a sleep he seemed much better but he is finding life exhausting and frustrating.   It looks like it may be some time before he is capable of driving.  He has an appointment to see his GP tomorrow she may throw some light on what is happening.

I withdrew from the swaps I had joined during June for obvious reasons but this morning I received two unexpected postcards.  These really cheered me up.  The swap is called 'naked flowers' meaning they have to go through the post without an envelope of any description.  They one with the white background is from Diana and the green one, created using a 100year old linen sheet is from Heather.  I think Heather is very brave to use it.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

First Birthday

It was Flynn's birthday yesterday, one whole year old and full of smiles and cheek.   We met up with the family this afternoon when my son Simon and his wife Julie held a Father's Day BBQ so I had an opportunity to take some photos of his lordship.

Flynn decided the stones tasted much better than the sausages.  He is beginning to talk to everyone and everything, lots of babble but a very distinct "want down".

Keith continues to progress well though he remains quite tired a lot of the time and when he's tired he has lapses of contentration.  He knows when he's tired though and rests but is finding it very frustrating that he doesn't have the energy to do what he took for granted before the stroke.   He has no recollection of the stroke at all and finds it dfficult sometimes to understand why he feels like he does.  At the moment they are trying to find the level of Warfarin to treat him, I think he's enjoying the attention of the nurse.

As for me, well everythin went fine, the op itself took almost twice as long as expected, mainly due to tryingto get all the pieces of the old implant from between my ribs.  I'm quite pleased with he result even if my consultat did leave the hospital that night for another post.  I'm still a bit sore and have quite colourful sticky out bits.  I have a check up tomorrow and don't anticipate any problems.

Last two photos, this beautiful basket of flowers is from Julie's parents and one last one of the birthday boy.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Just waiting for the Off

It's almost time to set off again for the awaited surgery, hope its not cancelled again.  I have to ring the ward in 30 minutes time to confirm what time they expect me in, phew.....   It's two weeks today since Keith had his stroke, he is very much better.  In fact he is back to normal except for the exhaustion.   His consultant told us he was very lucky we managed to get him to hospital in time for him to have the clot busting drug.  Thank goodness, not sure what I'd do without him.

In the meantime I have been making some small drunkard path blocks to turn into a bag to take into hospital, but never actually got any further than making the blocks.  However this morning in the post arrived a bag from Carol Jamieson, with whom I was swapping 12 inch blocks (oh I forgot I made a 12" block but didn't take a photo).  Carol had very cleverly made her block into a bag for me which is ideal to take into hospital as I am not allowed to carry anything over my shoulder.  This bag goes across the chest.

Carol's bag for me, it has a secret pocket on the front.

My Drunkard's Path blocks, as you can see this is as far as I got.

And the very last of the Crumb postcards.  This one is from Marian and she has used all Laura Ashley fabrics as a tribute to her.

Better go and pack the last bits and pieces now I have a nice new bag to put them in. See you all soon.