Thursday, 27 June 2013

Done a bit of sewing, not much

but at least its a start.  I saw a pattern for a bib on the web and decided to make Flynn a couple.

Photo has come in sideways again but at least you can see the bibs.  The backs are towelling to absorb the dribbles.

I received another gift 'naked flower' postcard, this time from Jan.   I'm feeling much more cheerful after all the good wishes and prayers from everyone.

Jan has used real seed heads for this card and I love the concept of using naturally naked flowers.
A couple of days ago I saw these books advertised at a reduced price in Amazon and they arrived this morning.

I to have a go at making dog bag and several of the projects in these books.  Never made anything before designed by Lynne Anderson but I think its time to make a start on my Christmas presents.  At last a spark of interest in sewing.  As these patterns also include embroidery its just the thing for me to do while sitting with his lordship.

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