Saturday, 19 April 2014

Good Days Bad Days

The last few days have been good ones, we've had sun, Keith has felt fit enough to play with his wheelchair (in shorts!!) and I've managed to do some Easter sewing.

I saw this collapsible thread catcher on YouTube (just google it and you'll find lots of links) and thought it just the thing for my sewing group friends.  It's very quick to make and you use recycled stuff, such as a bit of milk bottle plastic, cereal packet and an empty Pringles tube.  It took me two nights to make five, by hand.....

 When I'd finished making them I remembered a packet of small Easter eggs I'd bought and wondered if I could put one or two in.  It took two and don't they look cute, just like a couple of eggs in a nest.  I gave them to my friends on Monday and they were delighted with them as the thread catcher is small enough to pop into their sewing boxes.

I didn't buy Flynn any chocolate this year as last year he was inundated with them.  He likes to draw so I bought him one of Crayola white boards and some erasable crayons.  These are great as they just wipe off with a dry cloth or a damp one if he decided to use the walls and furniture as a drawing board.  Then I decided to make him an art folder to put everything in.  It has a pocket for the white board plus one for his crayons on one side.  On the other there are four pockets, one with a zipper the smallest for the cloth to wipe off his board.

I put his name on the front of his art folder, unfortunately I didn't think of this before I had put the whole thing together so the letters had to be bondawebbed on.  

But that was yesterday today isn't so good.  Keith has quite a lot of pain and he's back on the morphine at quite a high rate.  I'm due to go and get my hair cut but depending on how he feels in a couple of hours I may need to cancel that.  I just wouldn't feel comfortable leaving him at home on his own for a couple of hours.  I know he would probably just sleep but I'd rather be with him.  Tomorrow he may be okay again, hope so as Sy and Julie are putting on an Easter BBQ for the combined families.  Keith enjoys socializing so fingers crossed.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Flynn's Quiet Book

I've managed to get a couple of pages made for Flynn's Quiet Book.
 First one is a sock matching game.  As Flynn loves to help his mum unpack the washing machine I thought he'd love this one.
 When not in use the socks can be stored in the washing machine.
All ready to be paired up on the sock page.  The socks and sock page all have small magnets in them.  I found it difficult to find magnets that were strong enough to hold two layers of felt together and not so strong you needed a crowbar to part them.

 Next page is the Build a sandcastle page.  The pieces are loose so that they can be placed in any order.
And when he has finished playing with them they all go in the bucket.

The last page I've done for now is a shape matching one, I've left one of the sides open so the pieces can be stored.

There are lots of these books out there on the web but I particularly liked the free patterns from  This lady has some seriously cool pages and I shall be using some more of her pages as well as one or two of my own.  I have yet to think of a way to put these pages together, most of those I've seen involve ring folders or the rings like those in folders.  A few years ago I did an on-line course with Maggie Smith and created a folder to show off different edges.

It comprised of canvas pages with button holes at intervals along the edge through which I threaded a handmade fabric strip ending in a loop.  The loops were then wrapped round wrapped sticks to hold in place.  It has proved to be very effective and you can add and remove pages without nipping your fingers in the ring binder.  Flynn's folder will be different but I'll probably use the button hold method to hold the pages together.  Now onto the next page, hmm shall it be a puzzle, build your own burger, five monkeys jumping on a bed or......

Friday, 28 March 2014

March Breezes

It's certainly been windy up here in the North East of England, we've also had thunder storms.  So the BQLPC group's "March Breezes" theme was very apt.  Here are the cards, there were only six of us in the swap and I've waited until all were received so I could show them as a set.

These two are from Alice (top) and Jacquie (bottom).  I was a bit puzzled about Alice's card at first then realised she had sewn seed heads blowing in the wind.  The photo doesn't show Jacquie's card to advantage, you can't see the glitter blowing about in the wind.

Both Miriam (top) and Pauline (bottom) have shown wind blowing in the trees, I love Pauline's weather vane.

I love Helen's lady struggling with the March breezes.

As for me well here are mine, not a very good photo I fear as I scanned them all in at one to save time and the light has given them a blue haze.

I saw this lady adorning the March page of a calendar in a garage.  It had the caption of "A bit breezy" which I thought just the thing.  So
my cards show a Marilyn Monroe look-alike and the affects of a March breeze.  Well Keith liked them....

Friday, 21 March 2014

Been a bit of a mixed period lately

I've managed to get some sewing done, these are the leftover 3.5" squares.  I had thought to turn them into a fabric waste bin to match the throw but in the end the dog won out and they are going to be his new blanket, complete with fleece backing.

Keith has been quite well and is getting on with his walking sticks okay.
We've been out for lunch with the family.
And Keith managed to fall again on Tuesday night.  This time he landed up again the cooker and managed to bend the handles and break the lid hinge.  But he came off worse with quite bad bruising and naturally its set him back a bit.  All in all though he's doing okay and is very positive in his attitude.  He's telling everyone that I threw the cooker at him, as if.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

February Brings the Rain

Now got a full set of photos from the February Brings the Rain swap, I've been waiting for the final one but then found it had arrived earlier and I had buried it under a pile of fabrics!!

 From Helen and Alice
 From Jacquie, whose card I had buried - sorry Jacquie.
 From Miriam
And finally from Pauline, this card looks great in real life and is very tactile.

We had good news yesterday from Keith's oncologist.  He was so pleased with the way Keith looked that he has upgraded his prognosis from the lower end of months scale to the higher end.  He was pleased with Keith's positive attitude which he believes is helping him overcome some of his difficulties.   He has now acquired a shower seat and two perching stools.  One of the stools his OT has today adjusted so he can reach his lathe which has raised his spirits.  He has really missed playing in his shed.

I've got the top of Julie's throw finished, just got the border to put on then I'll take some photos.  She's already tried it on her sofa and is pleased with how it looks.  So a happy time all round.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

At last photos of Julie's throw

At last got to the bottom why my photos wouldn't load - I wasn't using Google Chrome, swapped browsers and low and behold there were my photos.  We are making headway with Julie's throw (I call it Julie's as Sy doesn't really care what colour it is or what pattern).  

These are the colours she chose, there also one or two fat quarters included in the same shade range.

The pattern she chose was, I think, called Hidden Stars and comprise of two basic blocks.  One a four patch and one a rectangle with a flying geese block attached.  I think the stars are hidden in the corners when they are all put together.  We will have to wait and see whether our stars come out to play.

Julie was keen to get involved in making the throw so to make things easy for her we used the Accuquilt to cut out the block parts.  I think Julie enjoyed cutting the out as we now have enough pieces to make a King sized quilt and one for Buster!!

Keith hasn't been too well of late, mainly down to the shock of him having had two falls.  Thankfully though he has been improving over the last couple of days.   His leg muscles are still quite weak due to steroids and his ongoing spinal problems. The outcome is that he will now be walking with a stick and has been referred for a wheelchair. He wasn't keen on the idea of either stick or wheelchair but after the pain of the last couple of weeks is more amenable to the prospect. It will mean that he can come for walkies with Buster and me and drive one of those buggies round the supermarket - oh the joys of having a blue badge.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Anyone else having problems

I've tried three days on the run now and have not been able to update any photos...... I can select them in blogger and they appear for selection but as soon as I say upload blogger hangs.  So guess no photos for now.  This might be crunch time for me and blogger I think its time to look for another blog site.

I've managed to catch up with my February swaps and I've been playing with EQ7 to design the new sofa throw for Julie and Sy.  Hope to cut it out this week.  I had hoped to have had it done by now but things took a turn for the bad where Keith was concerned.  He had a nasty fall on Friday which has set him back a bit. The meds he is on are making him drowsy but he is so darned independent that he puts himself in danger so I daren't leave him alone for too long.   Between the steroids and his old back problem walking is difficult for him, though he struggles manfully up and down the stairs.  Oh for a house with downstairs facilities.   He's reached the stage where community services and the Macmillan nurses have made contact, we are still managing on our own but they are putting things in place for the day when we'll need a little extra help.

We went to get his blue badge sorted out this afternoon (for those who don't know what a blue badge is, its something you put in your car window that allows you to pack in special bays nearer to shops etc - that's if they haven't been used by others).  Keith was so sure he wouldn't qualify that he's been away most of the night and I was up at 2:30am watching tv with him, then again at 5am and finally when I had to get up he went to sleep.  For those with young children, does this sound familiar?   We'll I'm having an early night and tomorrow the excitement of tidying up my sewing room begins.