Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Use it Up swap

The theme this September for the BQLPC swap was "Use it Up - Spare Cards".  Great I though I have a few spares this should be easy.  But you know how it is, you get attached to them and I couldn't decide which ones I wanted to send.  In the end I went with the 'use it up' option and created the bottom card.  I have had to post a photo of it unbound as I posted them before I remembered I hadn't scanned them.  
The top card is from Alice and I think she has trapped scrim or something similar between plastic.  It is quite thin so could be cling film.  It is very effective.   The card below is from Jan and she has used up her scraps.  I had some spares done along similar lines but decided to keep them, now I'm pleased as it is always nice to get something different from those you have sent.
Good news at last on the Keith front.  He saw his oncologist on Monday and had a new chest xray which shows that the chemotherapy is working.  His tumour in the lung has definitely shrunk and his consultant is very pleased with the result.  Two more chemo sessions, next one on Thursday, then a fresh set of xrays and scans before they make a decision on any future treatment.  We know its inoperable and can't be cured but at least its going in the right direction.  In addition they have got Keith's pain under control and he is feeling a lot better.

Friday, 13 September 2013

Yesterday I broke the car!!!

We had a new garage door fitted on Monday and today I managed to get the car hung up on it.  Don't ask me how, I don't know.  Keith normally backs the car out of the garage but today he was extra tired and due for chemo so I said I'd do it.   I thought I was reversing straight but obviously I wasn't and we have a slight drop out of the garage onto the path.  It was at this point I came to grief.  I must have turned the wheel as the car dropped and managed to jam the car up against the garage door.  Now as I mentioned it is a new garage door, the old one being over 40 years old gave up the ghost.  This one though is just slightly narrower than the old one and I badly misjudge how far away I was from the frame.  The new door sliding mechanism sticks out about 1cm and I managed to get that 1cm piece lodged between the join where the front bumper and the wing joins.  Keith at that point decided he'd better unjam the car but in doing so managed to rip a piece out of the wing, ouch.....

Today I will be ringing round body shops to find someone who can repair it as our poor car has a bent bumper and a large hole in its wing.   Photos to follow, I daren't have another go at getting it out of the garage Sy will do that tomorrow, hopefully.  Who knows it might have to live there forever....

In the meantime I've been using my Big Shot to cut out hexagons in fabric and paper for my next doll quilt swap, the theme of which is "A quilt within a quilt".  You'll have to wait to see what I come up with.  Hmm wonder if I could make enough to cover the hole in the car wing..