Friday, 29 November 2013

Postcard swaps

Here is what I've been up to in between everything else.  It has kept me sane and in contact with people. 
Applique cards from Jacquie and Miriam

Mine for the three other ladies in the swap.

The next swap is Upcycling I would call it recycling but not sure what the difference is.
Top left is from Jacquie using old lace and created motifs from the paper she used to transfer the dye onto the lace.  Next is Alice who has found a novel way to use up lampshade fringing. And finally Irene who also has used old lace but I love the stitching in the middle of this one.

 These three are my answer to Upcycling/recycling.  Old transfer dyed shirt fabric, old knicker lace and beer cans with a bit of machine embroidery.  Can't miss out the embroidery.
This is from a new group I joined a few weeks back, mainly because the only swap one to one.  The group is Postcard Pizzazz and this card is from Pam Crawford.  The swap was Turquoise and Fuchsia but unfortunately I forgot to photograph/scan mine before I sent it.

Finally also for Pizzazz is my take on squares and triangles.

Monday, 25 November 2013

After the sunshine comes the storm

Today wasn't just a downpour it felt like being hit by a tidal wave.  Keith's scan results showed improvement in the lung tumours, the kidney tumour is static but the liver tumours have proved resistant to the aggressive chemotherapy and have actually grown.  The liver cancer is progressing quite rapidly and we've been told to just enjoy what time Keith has left.  This could be as much as 12 months but is more likely to be in the low months number.  

I feel swamped by the news but Keith is philosophical and determined he's going to make it to next Christmas so lets hope he's right.
This is Keith's answer to the news.

We were certain it would be better news, especially as Keith had enjoyed going to his woodturning group.

He was making a mushroom box, which is still in the boot of the car!!

He also managed to enjoy the Woodturning Show at Harrogate Show Grounds yesterday.  He went with our elder son Marc whilst Alix and I took in the Knitting & Stitching show.


Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Weekend report

After Keith had got the news about his cancer our sons put their heads together and decided to book a weekend cottage for the six of us.  We were to have the holiday at the end of Keith's cycle of chemotherapy.  For a while I thought we wouldn't make it, he was so ill, but we did and despite having not driven for years I took the plunge and drove us across country to Southerness on the coast of the Solway Firth.  It was a lovely bungalow the family had rented with a large living/dining area and four double bedrooms with all the necessaries.  It was a minute walk from the beach and only a five minute walk to the local pub.

Keith on his own for once, usually all the seating was occupied and the normal family 'discussions' taking place.

Marc and Sy decided to make themselves a snack.
Keith found a jigsaw and over the weekend everyone took part in putting pieces into it.  It's years since we did a family jigsaw and we all thoroughly enjoyed doing it.

Keith's working on the second jigsaw we found, I think he's got the bug and was talking about finding some we had stored away.
The coast where we were was rocky but there was sand at one end and the Southerness Lighthouse at the other end of the beach.  The main path along the top of the beach was made up of crushed seashells.  Buster had a whale of a time and had more walks along the beach between the six of us than he's had for the past year....

Did someone say walkies?
We had a lovely family break but on Monday it was time to go home again.  It was quite foggy when we woke but by the time we left it was clearing and quite sunny by the time we got to Dumfries.  Unfortunately the rest of the journey from Dumfries to Penrith was a mixture of fog, heavy rain, fast lorries with the odd spot of sun in between.  We stopped on the way back at a large Edwardian house for morning tea, which was served from a silver teapot on a silver tray complete with lace tray cloth.  It was beautiful and we thoroughly enjoyed the break.  But now its time for catching up on the washing, ironing and dealing with household matters.  
Keith has really enjoyed his weekend and being with his boys and being able to have a pint with them has brought him lots of pleasure.   A weekend of happy memories to be treasured.

Friday, 1 November 2013

No I haven't forgotten you

Life has just been a bit tough lately and even tougher for the big guy - although he isn't so big now he's lost over 4 stone in weight since he started chemo.  But the good news is today he had his last cycle and he gets his comparison scans etc on the 15th November so we are keeping our fingers crossed.

Good news is I have a new baby grand nephew, my niece gave birth to a bouncing baby boy last week.  They have called him Angus John, a brother for Charlotte Grace who I understand is a bit of a handful.  At the moment they are in Boston as her husband is doing research into micro surgery but are due back in the UK early in 2014.  We are all looking forward to photos.

I have done nothing at all but am feeling much more inclined to sew and knit now that Keith is finally beginning to feel a bit better so hopefully I'll have something to show next post.