Friday, 29 November 2013

Postcard swaps

Here is what I've been up to in between everything else.  It has kept me sane and in contact with people. 
Applique cards from Jacquie and Miriam

Mine for the three other ladies in the swap.

The next swap is Upcycling I would call it recycling but not sure what the difference is.
Top left is from Jacquie using old lace and created motifs from the paper she used to transfer the dye onto the lace.  Next is Alice who has found a novel way to use up lampshade fringing. And finally Irene who also has used old lace but I love the stitching in the middle of this one.

 These three are my answer to Upcycling/recycling.  Old transfer dyed shirt fabric, old knicker lace and beer cans with a bit of machine embroidery.  Can't miss out the embroidery.
This is from a new group I joined a few weeks back, mainly because the only swap one to one.  The group is Postcard Pizzazz and this card is from Pam Crawford.  The swap was Turquoise and Fuchsia but unfortunately I forgot to photograph/scan mine before I sent it.

Finally also for Pizzazz is my take on squares and triangles.

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