Tuesday, 10 December 2013


Not blogged recently as not much to tell.  I've been kept extra busy making all the family Christmas cards, with his lordship's help - he sticks the stars on the trees.  Flynn is 18 months old now and a big help.  I was making quiches for our Plus4 Christmas lunch on Monday and putting baking beans in the quiches to bake them blind and he very helpfully brought his yoghurt covered raisins to add to the baking beans.  He has a bright cheeks and a runny nose as his molars are just coming through - warning he loves to bite if you put your fingers in his mouth.

Playing with Mum and Dad everything looks better from this angle.
Christmas lunch with the Plus4's was great fun and we each made a small present for one another.  This photo is a bit blurry, not sure why except perhaps I had my finger in the way.  I made the birds from Maggie Grey's pattern in Stitch magazine and Jenny made clowns.  We also got plants and covered coat hangers, can't have too many of those.  As there are only five of us it wasn't too much an effort to make a small gift for everyone.  I really enjoyed the day as it took my mind off other things. 

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