Sunday, 22 December 2013

Christmas Postcard Swap

I've waited until all the cards had been received before posting pictures.  This is the annual Christmas swap with BQLPC I sent my cards out without photographing them, durr.

From Alice and Sue

From Miriam and Diana

From  Jane and Jacquie

 Two from Pauline I think this may have been in error but I like them both.
From Pascale a strippy tree and from Janet a candle

Finally two lovely patchwork trees from Jan and Rosemary
I still haven't photographed the knitting bits and bobs but will do that before I send them off to the recipients. 
I unearthed the table topper I started making earlier this year and am just finishing off the binding.  Not before time either as Keith managed to get candle wax on the one we are using at the moment.  He is doing well though still gets tired easily, which I believe is very common for someone with his complaint.  He is really looking forward to Christmas and having all the family around him so we are all going to try and make it a very happy one for him.
Wishing everyone a very happy Christmas and a happy, healthy, creative 2014.

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Julie said...

What a beautiful and varied collection of cards, Annette. I hope you and Keith enjoy a very happy Christmas with your family. xx