Monday, 6 January 2014

Happy New Year

We had a family buffet yesterday and Flynn never stopped eating for almost the whole two hours he was with us.  He entertained everyone with kisses and hugs.  He's at the stage now where he parrots everything you say which had us laughing.   It was good to laugh again and Keith had a lovely time even if he was exhausted this morning the company cheered him up no end.

Julie hasn't been too well either recently and we are waiting for the neurosurgeon's report on the tumour on her neck.  We know its benign but she is rarely free from headaches so the family gathering was a distraction for her too.

Marc was very reluctant to have his photo taken.

Why is it that everyone congregates in the kitchen?
I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and New Year.  We thoroughly enjoyed our family breakfast, lunch and Matthew's 21st birthday dinner.  New Year was very quiet but that is what we wanted, a rest after all the entertaining over the previous few days.   We had Buster staying with us overnight as his parents were off to a party.  Ten minute before the old year ended we realised that Buster's lead was is the car, the car was in the garage and neither of us wanted to go and get it.  Result - Keith left the house with a large dog on a bright yellow ribbon lead.   There were fireworks going off all over the place and Buster kept heading for the bushes.  Keith thought he fireworks were frightening him but no, he just wanted to let out some of the water he had drunk.  
Happy New Year everyone and I hope its is a happy, healthy, creative one.

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Julie said...

Happy New Year Annette. It's wonderful to have family and especially children around at Christmas. I hope Julie is soon free of her tumour. We had a quiet Christmas although Boxing Day was busier with a visit to my brother's and New Year came in with a do at our local social club. I hope you have time and energy for some creativity in 2014. x