Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Weekend in Seahouses

Wow the sea was rough!! Our holiday weekend cottage was a stone's throw away from the harbour and we could see the sea from our windows. We arrived Friday teatime just in time to have a quick look round the harbour before the light went then picked up fish and chips for supper.  I still like my fish and chips wrapped in newspaper but they aren't allowed to do that any more.  Sometimes though I think the smell of the salt and vinegar is more tempting than the actual meal but not this time, it was delicious and Keith really enjoyed his.

All the boats had remained in the harbour only the big oil tankers were seen on the horizon.

On Saturday we had a look round Berwick but it was quite cold and Keith was looking a little tired so we spent quite a bit of time in coffee shops.

On the way back we called in at Bamburgh where the Grace Darling Museum is situated, think every child in the UK was taught about the heroic Grace Darling who rescued seamen from a wreck in a storm.  The Museum was cold by the time we got there, in fact lots of places were closed if we'd been going this weekend they would have been open but hey that's life.

The best views of Bamburgh Castle are from the sea but no one was willing to paddle out to get me a good photo.  Again Blogger won't let me make the photos any bigger, looks like threes the limit.
Back to Seahouses where we stopped off at the Swallow Fisheries for smoked prawns.  The shop has been open since 1843 (well it did close sometimes, usually on a Sunday).  I'm not keen on smoked food but the others enjoyed them dipped in mayonnaise.  More photos of waves before we went to the local hotel for dinner.
I made this scrapbook page for Marc and Alix as a reminder of our lovely weekend.  

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