Friday, 23 November 2012

Last of the 2012 Journal Pages

I really wanted to get this years Contemporary Quilters Journal Page challenge finished as I've found the blue ones difficult to create.  I really enjoyed doing the red and yellow ones  and though I do likethe colour blue, the monochromatic blue journal pages were just a bit too much. 
I have continued with the origin of nursery rhyme theme for this last one and chosen:
Humpty Dumpty
 From around the 15th century the name Humpty Dumpty was used to describe a large person (perhaps egg shaped..)   However in the nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty was an oversized cannon used by the Royalists in the seige of Colchester.   The Royalists mounted the cannon on the church tower of St Mary at the Wall.  They used it to excellent effect on the Parlimentarian troups (aka Roundheads) and appeared at one point to be winning.  However, someone, probably Lord Fairfax got fed up of being hammered by Humpty and gave the order for the Roundheads to concentrate all their fire power at thechurch tower.  Which they did and eventually managed to breakdown part of the tower wall.   With the result that Humpty Dumpty then fell off the tower (wall) and rolled down the hill.   The Royalists tried unsuccessfully, despite all the Kings horses and all the Kings men, to put Humpty back on the wall.  
This took place in the Summer of 1648 and eventually on the 27 August (my birthday!!) after 11 and half weeks of seige, Lord Goring surrended the city to the Parlimentary forces.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Fun day at the office...

Well maybe not quite at the office anymore but the +4 monthly Stitch & Bitch group got together yesterday and we did have fun.

Last month we decided it had been quite a while since we had used our embellishers that's what we'd do this month  There were five of us yesterday all armed with embellishers and fabrics to play with.  However Jenny had said she had a bag full of tweeds and yarns she wanted us to use up for her.

What she didn't way was that it was Wheelie Bin bag......

The rest of us were fairly modest in comparison.

Elspeth is somewhere behind the silks Pat brought.  She dyes all her own fabric and has some really beautiful pieces, far to grand to use on the embellisher.

Here are some of the pieces we made with Jenny's 'bag full'.

Blogger has gone mad and has placed the photos where it likes and won't allow me to resize but I think you can get the jist of what we did. 

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Where has all the time gone

Well a lot has been taken up with visits to hospital.  I've ha dmy MRI scan to check out the status of my PIP implant.  It was not as uncomfortable as a mammogram but not pleasant because you are enclosed in a very noise machine.  For this particular MRI had had to lay face down, not the most comfortable position and it took 35 minutes in all.  I was told it would take 15 but then is anything ever straight forward.  I get my results this week but I'm not expecting any unpleasant surprises.  Will let you know what they are later.

In the meantime I've been catching up with my Christmas cards and knitting a sweater and cardigan with reindeer on for Flynn, will put up photos once I've taken them, I need to sew buttons on first.

But here are my cards, I've made 40 so far just got another 10 to do.

I've made lace snowflakes for some cards, used my Big Shot to cut out tree on others.  I was given a layered tree for my birthday and I love it.   I bought some 'Sparkle Medium' from Imagination Crafts at the Creative Craft show I went to with my son and dil and used it with a tree stencil (front and right).  I got better at putting the medium on, the first couple were a bit thick and smudged but the others turned out oka.   I also doodled (zentangled) some card and cut other trees out.  I think I might make the res tof the cards using the layered tree as so far that is my favourite, or I might use more lace snowflakes I have about 20 left over!!!  Think I went a bit mad there.