Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Fun day at the office...

Well maybe not quite at the office anymore but the +4 monthly Stitch & Bitch group got together yesterday and we did have fun.

Last month we decided it had been quite a while since we had used our embellishers that's what we'd do this month  There were five of us yesterday all armed with embellishers and fabrics to play with.  However Jenny had said she had a bag full of tweeds and yarns she wanted us to use up for her.

What she didn't way was that it was Wheelie Bin bag......

The rest of us were fairly modest in comparison.

Elspeth is somewhere behind the silks Pat brought.  She dyes all her own fabric and has some really beautiful pieces, far to grand to use on the embellisher.

Here are some of the pieces we made with Jenny's 'bag full'.

Blogger has gone mad and has placed the photos where it likes and won't allow me to resize but I think you can get the jist of what we did. 


Nicola said...

OMG there is so much fabric. I would love to have a go.

McIrish Annie said...

so jealous!! I sold my embellisher last year because I never used it. That looks like all sorts of fun!