Sunday, 29 July 2007

Autumn Journal Page

Not really sure what happened to the last few days they seem to have just dissolved away. At least I am now back sewing, no headache, no dizziness, no asthma pills!!!

I've been busy making the Autumn journal page for Aynsley as part of the one to one swap on the Surface Design group. You wouldn't believe how long it took me to make up my mind as to what I was going to do with it. I had the jazz/blues classic song "Autumn Leaves" playint in my head and thought I would use it as the theme but in the end decided against it as the design was getting rather complicated. Think I'll do it later for myself, I've been trying to do one for the swap and a slightly larger one for myself.
Doubt I'll get much sewing done over the next two days as Mum's flat has just been renovated and I need to clean it out before she goes back in on Tuesday. Wednesday my 730 comes home - hurray. I've missed it. They've solved the problems all down to some thread stuck somewhere I couldn't see but obviously the sensor could. Off to bed now as I need to be up early tomorrow.

Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Getting back in the saddle

Wow doesn't life hit you when you are least expecting it to. Last Tuesday I was looking forward to meeting with friends at a Garden Party held by one of our guild members. It all looked really good, food, company and the pieces of needlework brought to 'Show and Tell'. I'd taken the last two padfolios to show and was looking forward to my friends comments on the one done on the embellisher as this is technique still in its infancy here. There were some really interesting pieces dating back to prewar days and discussions on techniques then and today.

I'd just walked forward to pick up my padfolio when bam I was hit from behind with an absolute belter of a pain. A second one followed and all went black. Next thing I knew I was in great pain and being taken home where my dh called my gp and I was admitted as a suspected subarachnoid haemorrhage. After several days in hospital, brain scans, lumbar punctures and a whole host of blood tests this was ruled out but we're no nearer an answer as to what happened. . It could be just down to an arthritic neck nipping the nerves and blood vessels near my spinal cord.

I came home on Friday evening and all went well until Monday when out of the blue it happened again. Today I'm pain free and missing my sewing I'm off to see my gp tomorrow and hopefully some answers.

In the meantime my son and his partner were invited to the Queen'sGarden Party on Thursday which was a great success. I have a couple of pictures of them outside the Palace gates. They were not allowed to take cameras or phones into the Palace but they've ordered a dvd of the party and look forward to seeing it.

Monday, 16 July 2007

More fabric postcards

Been catching up with some of my swaps today left dh to clean the bathroom 'yes'. Finally got my Artsnthemail Splash swap cards in the post don't know what happened here but it was really difficult to get started on this theme.

The second swap I completed today is the fme landscape one with Surface Design. Following my visit to Wassand yesterday I used one of my photos to create the view from the Library window. As it rained the colours are a litte dull but I liked the view.
Marc my eldest son is off to the Queen's Garden Party on Thursday, his partner got the invite he's just going along as her companion. Anyway he wants his shirt ironed 'properly' so guess who gets the honour?
One of the senior members of our local embroiderers guild is also having a garden party tomorrow to which I've been invited. We have to take along something that set us off embroidering for 'Show and Tell'. I like many of us I was taught many needle skills by my grandmother and used them reluctantly. I hated sewing at school I perferred to talk for which I would find myself standing outside the classroom door. When I married I had sons and a houseful of men are not the best for appreciating embroidery and sewing skills. I really got interested after talking to a friend at the office photocopier who was doing NCFE embroidery and showed me her silk painting - perhaps I could take her along.

Sunday, 15 July 2007

Been busy all day trying to get the padfolio I made on the Babylock embellisher finished. It took longer than I expected mainly due to family committments.

Apart form the lining and pockets inside and the cord the whole thing was made from fabric made on the embellisher. The cutwork also is felted fabrics. I used a pattern from Kathleen Laurel Sage's book "Butterflies and Flowers". It was more difficult to solder out than using the organza's Kathleen and Margaret Beal use but fun and I think effective.

Next time I do tags for cord ends this way though I'll leave more room to manouver than I did for this one.

I also made a small purse as I wanted to try felting the edges together and drawing a rough shape from the back of the fabric. Drawing on the back of the piece pushes the fabrics through to the front and creates interesting patterns. See what you think

Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Had to go to the hospital this morning for a check-up on my lungs. I was certain they'd discharge me but no I flunked my lung function tests. I came home with a carrier bag full of new meds, including steroids, just what I wanted I'm already struggling with my weight due to insulin.
When I got back I had a lovely surprise no less than 8 fabric postcards were waiting for me. These are just a sample.
The circular flowers are from an ArtsntheMail swap, Angela Hart's Spring flowers, and the Green one from Ramona Dewees 'Something beginning with G = Green and Gold". The photo doesn't do justice to the beautiful green and gold lace.
The other two are from Surface Design swaps, top one from Heather Southard who has created pyramids from angelina and the bottom one is a Turkey Sandwich for our 'Picnic Swap' from Ann Sands.
I need to get down and do my Splash cards for ArtsntheMail and FME Landscape cards for Surface Design. I get carried away with these swaps sometimes and have to watch how much time I have left to get things done.
I'm missing my 730 never thought I'd say that but there it is - I do. It went away for repair last Thursday and as I hadn't heard from David Drummon decided to ring them today. They haven't done anything with it yet!!!! apparently their engineer is on holiday and won't be back before a week Monday. They might have told me that when I booked it in for repair. Luckily I've still got my 1630.
Ordered some Guterman Dekor thread to finish off the edging on the padfolio from Sew Essentials late last night and it arrived in the post this morning - how's that for service.

Walking in the Lake District

Went to Keswick yesterday with the U3A (University of the third age) sort of activity club for wrinklies. We set off bright and early, sun shining, lots of good humour, bags, boots and cameras at the ready. Stopped at Appleby for morning coffee then onto Keswick in time for lunch before setting off for a short walk. There were two walks on the go, one a 6.5 mile one up the fells to the top, along the ridge and back down to the lake and along the lakeside to meet up later. I went on the second walk, the first ones walk too fast for me these days my poor legs and lungs can't keep up the pace.
We set off in a launch to cross the ferry but as we were half an hour early the boat owner told us to get on the one that was in and we could go all the way round the lake for the same price. He also took one of our party, not going on the walk, on board for nothing. They saw her off the boat and safely back on the path before leaving her. It's heartening to find this kind of generousity is still alive.
It was a lovely walk round the end of the lake back to Keswick and after a coffee and gossip we set off for home. A lovely relaxing day.

Monday, 9 July 2007

Kathleen Laurel Sage was holding a workshop on Sunday for our EG and that meant I had to leave Ushaw late Saturday to attend. Pity they were the same weekend but it happens and I was greedy I wanted to do both workshops. Kathleen's workshop had us layering organzas, fme designs then burning out parts see what you think of my attempt at a clematis.
I enjoyed it so much I bought one of her kits, the pendant at the top of this posting. I still have the beading to do on it but it's a technique I'll do again. My first attempt at burning out layers of fabrics was with Maggie Grey and it left a lasting impression.
Been tired today though and not done too much. Tomorrow I'm off walking in Keswick with the U3A so had better have an early night.


It's been a busy weekend. On Friday I went to Ushaw College about 4.5 miles west of Durham City. It's a beautiful spot high on the fells with panoramic views all around. Ushaw is or was one of the leading Catholic Seminars but times change and nowadays, although there still are young men training to be priests there the numbers are low so it's main use now is as a conference centre.

The NE15 Region were holding their Summer School at Ushaw College. There were 4 tutors, Sandi Lush teaching Balimore Quilting, Elizabeth Spanning from the US teaching machine quilting, Jennie Rayment with more twiddling and twisting and Barbara Slee who showed us the Tools of the Trade.

I enrolled late and the only place left was on Barbara Slee's course. She's a very friendly, helpful lady but unfortunately I found it a little too basic. However I did pick up one or two useful hints and the group were great fun to be with. We were to make a patchwork block create a cushion from it. As cushions in our house are always thrown on the floor with grumbles that they take up valuable space I made three blocks for use later.

Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Paper Beads

Don't know what's happened to the time today, it's been one of those bitty days where you are busy but don't seem to get much done. I did manage to make some paper beads. I used some paper I had for scrapbooking and when they were dry put Beadz on them.
Beadz are accent beads, the type you get in the scrapbook stores and never know what to do with, suspended in some sort of glue. I had great fun trying to get the beads to go where I wanted them to, they kept slipping down the cocktail sticks holding the paper beads. In the end I gave up and just let it stay where it wanted. I quite like the haphazard effect gives the beads a sort of scrunchy textured look, wish I'd picked different papers though. I can always make some more I suppose.
The beads were intended to go on the Padfolio but still not sure about them. I'll get there in the end but think I'll end up painting papers to make the beads. Just remembered Keith made me a 'thingy' for making wire beads I'll have to have a look at what wire and beads I've got left hmmm. think I'll go and take a look.

Monday, 2 July 2007

Padfolio weekend

I spent most of this weekend and all of yesterday making a padfolio for a Surface Design swap. Haven't got it finished as my sewing machine has given up on me. As it's only 10 months old it's going back to the dealers to sort out.
I put these yellow beads on the tassel just to see what beads would look like. They will be changed before it's finished to something more ascetically pleasing.