Monday, 16 July 2007

More fabric postcards

Been catching up with some of my swaps today left dh to clean the bathroom 'yes'. Finally got my Artsnthemail Splash swap cards in the post don't know what happened here but it was really difficult to get started on this theme.

The second swap I completed today is the fme landscape one with Surface Design. Following my visit to Wassand yesterday I used one of my photos to create the view from the Library window. As it rained the colours are a litte dull but I liked the view.
Marc my eldest son is off to the Queen's Garden Party on Thursday, his partner got the invite he's just going along as her companion. Anyway he wants his shirt ironed 'properly' so guess who gets the honour?
One of the senior members of our local embroiderers guild is also having a garden party tomorrow to which I've been invited. We have to take along something that set us off embroidering for 'Show and Tell'. I like many of us I was taught many needle skills by my grandmother and used them reluctantly. I hated sewing at school I perferred to talk for which I would find myself standing outside the classroom door. When I married I had sons and a houseful of men are not the best for appreciating embroidery and sewing skills. I really got interested after talking to a friend at the office photocopier who was doing NCFE embroidery and showed me her silk painting - perhaps I could take her along.

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