Monday, 9 July 2007

Kathleen Laurel Sage was holding a workshop on Sunday for our EG and that meant I had to leave Ushaw late Saturday to attend. Pity they were the same weekend but it happens and I was greedy I wanted to do both workshops. Kathleen's workshop had us layering organzas, fme designs then burning out parts see what you think of my attempt at a clematis.
I enjoyed it so much I bought one of her kits, the pendant at the top of this posting. I still have the beading to do on it but it's a technique I'll do again. My first attempt at burning out layers of fabrics was with Maggie Grey and it left a lasting impression.
Been tired today though and not done too much. Tomorrow I'm off walking in Keswick with the U3A so had better have an early night.


Jenny Bear said...

lovely, and welcome to the wonderful world of blogging

liz said...

It's lovely. I have done one of these too, bought her instructions some time ago. great fun.

Elizabeth said...

These two pieces are stunning!! i have Maggie Gray's Book on Burning but I have not had anything like this kind of success. I wish that I could find a workshop here in the US!!
your work is amazing!!