Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Getting back in the saddle

Wow doesn't life hit you when you are least expecting it to. Last Tuesday I was looking forward to meeting with friends at a Garden Party held by one of our guild members. It all looked really good, food, company and the pieces of needlework brought to 'Show and Tell'. I'd taken the last two padfolios to show and was looking forward to my friends comments on the one done on the embellisher as this is technique still in its infancy here. There were some really interesting pieces dating back to prewar days and discussions on techniques then and today.

I'd just walked forward to pick up my padfolio when bam I was hit from behind with an absolute belter of a pain. A second one followed and all went black. Next thing I knew I was in great pain and being taken home where my dh called my gp and I was admitted as a suspected subarachnoid haemorrhage. After several days in hospital, brain scans, lumbar punctures and a whole host of blood tests this was ruled out but we're no nearer an answer as to what happened. . It could be just down to an arthritic neck nipping the nerves and blood vessels near my spinal cord.

I came home on Friday evening and all went well until Monday when out of the blue it happened again. Today I'm pain free and missing my sewing I'm off to see my gp tomorrow and hopefully some answers.

In the meantime my son and his partner were invited to the Queen'sGarden Party on Thursday which was a great success. I have a couple of pictures of them outside the Palace gates. They were not allowed to take cameras or phones into the Palace but they've ordered a dvd of the party and look forward to seeing it.

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Diane Yates` said...

I am so sorry to hear you had all that pain so suddenly. It is worse when you go thru all the tests and they are not sure what caused it. I will pray that goes away or very least you know the cause and it can be eliminated. God Bless
Diane Y