Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Paper Beads

Don't know what's happened to the time today, it's been one of those bitty days where you are busy but don't seem to get much done. I did manage to make some paper beads. I used some paper I had for scrapbooking and when they were dry put Beadz on them.
Beadz are accent beads, the type you get in the scrapbook stores and never know what to do with, suspended in some sort of glue. I had great fun trying to get the beads to go where I wanted them to, they kept slipping down the cocktail sticks holding the paper beads. In the end I gave up and just let it stay where it wanted. I quite like the haphazard effect gives the beads a sort of scrunchy textured look, wish I'd picked different papers though. I can always make some more I suppose.
The beads were intended to go on the Padfolio but still not sure about them. I'll get there in the end but think I'll end up painting papers to make the beads. Just remembered Keith made me a 'thingy' for making wire beads I'll have to have a look at what wire and beads I've got left hmmm. think I'll go and take a look.

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fiberfanatic said...

The beads are gorgeous on the Padfolio you sent me (here in South Metro Denver, Colorado)! I can't wait to show it to my friend Janet, who also does scrapbooking, knitting and fiber stuff. Blessings and prayers for guidance for your physicians, and relief from your pain and suffering.
hugs, lainy