Saturday, 25 January 2014

Three weeks and five hours later

Our central heating broke down again.........   The very helpful plumber arrived out of hours to fix it but guess what - he didn't have the part that had gone haywire.   He's coming back again today hopefully with the correct bit to fix it.  If not it looks like a new boiler.   In the meantime we are wearing several layers of clothing and staying close.

Having said that I have, trumpet sound..... done some sewing, yeh...  My friend Jenny bought a wall hanging pattern while she was in Canada last year but changed her mind about making it and loaned me the pattern.   Its by Ursula Riegel of and is called "In the Mist".  Well, being me I liked it but didn't want to make it in shades of black and white.  So I changed it to greens. Then I thought I don't want snow, or a stone and left them out.  Then I decided I wanted leaves on the ground and a few left on the tree, after all the colours I had looked very autumnal.  So here it is.

It probably could have done with a few more leaves on the floor but I'm happy enough with it at the moment, especially as its the first thing I've done for a while.  Its about 18" x 20".
I'm off to a room with a heater now as I am very definitely beginning to feel the cold.


MulticoloredPieces said...

Hi, Annette. Lovely piece. A good way to start the year. Nothing like stitching your way through the cold! I am thankful that it's spring time in Tunisia, although still cool and breezy. Ah, the advantages of living in southern climes during the winter!
best, nadia

Julie said...

I hope you had good news about your boiler and that you're now warm and cosy. Well done for getting your sewing mojo going :)

McIrish Annie said...

Love your trees but really love your knitting! If you were on this side of the ocean, I would steal it!