Friday, 29 May 2015

French Street Cards

Some time ago I made a postcard for our EG French Street exhibition and got the size wrong.... So I've made another two, I just couldn't be bothered to redo the first one.  They have to be in for next Saturday so at last I got my finger out and finished them.

 The background of this card doesn't show up very well at all but its a mosaic of tiny scraps of fabric in colour bands.  I covered the whole piece in organza in co-co-ordinating colours after I bonded the Eiffel tower to the background.  I wanted to achieve a sort of Monet affect and it works, except in the photo.  I took the idea from a photo taken when Keith and I were last in Paris.  There is an area, forget where it is, that you get a great view of the whole of the tower.  In the photo were other people viewing the same scene and I used the back view of one couple.  It's not strictly an authentic view as I've added trees and some quilted buildings to the background.
 This one is a again from a photo taken somewhere in Southern France, forget the name of the village.  I have wanted to try out fmq on a patchwork background for some time and thought this would make another card.  Not really pleased with the doorways.
This last one was the first one I made and it is 5" x 7" but the other two are the correct size of A5

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