Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Scrap bag

Wow I hadn't realised it had been so long since I last blogged, mainly because I had nothing new to say.  But I have been busy travelling around visiting people and places in the last few weeks.  My muse must also have been on holiday as I just have not had any motivation to get up and do something.  Until last week when I saw a block on the Pinterest that I thought would make a good scrap busting exercise.  So despite saying I was not going to buy any more new fabrics this year I went to Craven Crafts and bought lots of white fabric.

Then I tackled my scrap bags (or rather boxes) and decided to make some scrappy blocks ready to hand quilt-as-you-go this Autumn.  My Winter project is to make myself a king sized quilt to fit my bed.  Just hope I'm up to it.  Not sure how I'm going to quilt them yet but I will put them together on this side with plain white strips. I have yet to decide what I'm going to back them with but probably one of the fabrics from the front.

This is the basic block, fairly simple but using quite a few scraps. Each one is made up of monochromatic scraps..  So far I've made 24 blocks in six different colours.  I've used left over fabric from other projects and fat quarters I no longer like, these hide very nicely amongst the others.  You need 8 different fabrics for the flying geese and centre circle but if you use fat quarters you can get enough scraps to make 8 blocks, not counting the white fabric.

I've got another four sets cut out ready to sew.

I've made a start on sewing the one inch strips for the purples, these will make the stripped circles in the middle of the block.  It takes longer to make these than the rest of the block put together.  I have still to do the other three sets.

I am going to need another 4 sets of 4 colours once these have been sewn together.  Once I've cut these out I'll have enough for 56 blocks.  All I need to do next is find enough scraps to make a border lol.    As you can see it takes quite a lot of scraps.  I'm quite enjoying myself, maybe my mojo is back from holiday.