Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Open garden Day

Once a year local people open their gardens for the public to view, walk round and ask the owner questions. Sunday was this years Open Garden day and my dh and I went with the U3A to Thornton Hall and Clow Beck House to view their gardens. Although these houses are less than 4 miles away I'd never seen them before.

Thornton Hall is a Grade 1 listed building and working farm. The hall was built in 1550 and is rumoured to have an underground tunnel leading to the nearby Walworth Castle. However the family fortunes deteriorated over the years the house to avoid paying the window tax, which was introduced in 1692 the house had had several windows blocked up. The grounds also went to ruins the family are now trying to recreate the Tudor elegance of the original 16th century gardens. The house will stay with it's blocked up windows for a while longer.

Clow Beck on the other hand is a modern garden but again reclaimed from the ravages of time.


Lorraine's Stuff said...

Good for you Annette, you now have join the rest of us bloggers..lol I love the lilac/purple roses, they are so pretty. Everything here is..hugs, Lorraine

liz said...

Well done Annette, very pretty blog:)