Wednesday, 4 March 2009

The Fog on the Tyne is all mine, all mine

Except on Saturday when we finally left for the Flower Festival in Holland there was bright sun on the Tyne. The fog came when we got to Holland.Leaving North Shields with sunshine on the far shore.The theme for the flower festival was music but apart from one or two exhibits the entries were quite rigid, I'd expected more movement with this theme.
The blooms were in top form, really beautiful but all standing rigid in blocks as though they were on parade. Which I suppose they were seeing this festival was for the growers to show off their bulbs.There was just about every type of tulip you could think of and so many different colours. Having said all that we found it a bit disappointing, the cruise across the North Sea was excellent but it was a long way to go just to see two sheds. One admittedly full of flowers the other one a traders shed selling amongst other things, garage porches, double glazing, campsite places, houses and cars. It took us just over an hour to see everything there and have a coffee break. We were there for four hours..............

However we did get to see some windmills, there were four along this stretch of canal bank. We left Holland again in fog and arrived back in the UK to bright sunshine.


Julie said...

Sorry to hear the trip didn't live up to expectations. I hope you weren't too cold kiling time at the tulip sheds.

Genie said...

Sorry trip did not turn out as expected, Missing the ferry yesterday must have been an omen,
Lovely photos