Sunday, 30 August 2009

As time goes by

Last Thursday was our birthday - Keith and I share one (too tight to have one each!!) and to celebrate we thought we'd pack an overnight back, jump in the car and go off into the wild blue yonder. And so we did.... but not before we'd walked the dog, put the washing on the line, cleaned the bathroom etc etc.

We took the back road to the coast passing one of our favourite walking spots - Roseberry Topping on the Northern end of the North York Moors. We were in such a hurry not to loose much more time that we set off without having lunch and so by the time we arrived at the top of Carlton Bank on top of the moor I was starving. We pulled into a parking stop and bought a huge bacon butty and mug of tea from the 'tea caravan' there. You can see the sea and for miles around up here, the thin pole whose top has disappeared off the top of the photo is a signal fire basket. This one was set up to herald in the Millenium.We arrived in Scarborough to a beautiful sunny afternoon where the whole town seemed to be in holiday mode.
Donkey rides, can't remember the last time I saw them on the beach.

Sandcastles were never like this in my day.....
We had a wonderful couple of days and stayed in a hotel at the top of the South Cliff with a wonderful view of the sea. In the evening Keith booked a meal at one of the restaurants so we thoroughly enjoyed our birthday.
Before I went I made a start on the Dotee Dolls for the MixedMedia_ATC group swap. I made two then got carried away and made another two. Now I have the problem of deciding which Dotee will go to their new homes as I've grown fond of them all. They took on personalities of their own.

I've got four postcards to finish and put in the post before Tuesday for the private swap. This one is based on a nautical theme. All sorts of ideas ran through my head but I found myself making something completely different from my thoughts. I'll post photos once they are all done.
We're off to Kent on Wednesday to see Leeds Castle, Sissinghurst and Pankhurst gardens. I did hope to get to the quilt show at Hever but not sure I'll have time as my friend Judy has just moved to a small village in Kent and I would also like to spend some time with her.
We'll be back a week then are off again, this time to Warwickshire with the U3a Garden Club after that I think we can take time to catch up.

off for the day. We thought we'd pack an overnight bag and stay out all night if we so desired.


Julie said...

Belated Happy Birthday to you both! Enjoy your trip to Kent.

MargaretR said...

Belated Happy birthday to you both!
Snap Julie :)