Sunday, 13 September 2009

ATCs and Danglys

I've had a host of atc from the Surface Design 'technique' swap. There are ten of us in this swap and they are almost all in now.
Tracy made a double sided atc using bonding, painting and heat stressing techniques. Maria used tinfoil, paint, gel media and embossing techniques.
Joanna used Yupo handyed fabrics I really like the depth of field she has created in this atc. Mags, as usual has produced a really pretty atc with transfer paint and paper resists on felt.

Dotti has used rusted fabrics, metal embossing and beading and a really attractive envelope.

I love this atc and enveloped made by Aynsley using monoprinting techniques and a lot of creative imagination.
Michelle has used similar techiques to Tracy but hers have a base of scrim over cotton. Jan's atc is layered throwsters silk, threads, glitter, leaves soaked with diluted textile medium. She then stamped and painted it further.
I've loved everyone of the atc's so far and am looking forward to remaining one.

In the meantime I've actually been doing some sewing. My effort for this month's 'nautical' theme turned out slightly different than intended. My first thoughts had been mermaids, ships, rock pools, anchors etc but in the end I decided on a coastline approach. I free cut the background fabrics into a roughly sea/sand contour, covered the sea part with irridescent sheer and started stitching and beading.

Friday was the monthly U3A meeting and I needed something to show what the craft group was going to do in October. We'd decided loosely on a Christmas theme - giving people plenty of time to complete before it arrived with a bang!! There is a great variation in people's ability in this group so I needed something that would suit all. I couldn't come up with one item but made four for them to choose from.

The one-winged angel (she is still knitting the other one!!) is a bit fiddly and as the skirt is knitted lace should appeal to those who want a bit of a challenge.

The folded patchwork 'dangly' is not quite so complex and can be made very quickly. The beaded dangly is very quick and easy to make so should suit those who want to complete something within the class time. (I hope!!)

But I could not resist making an Angel Dotee for those members who like something a bit more 'funky'.
We're off again in the morning to Warwickshire to look at gardens - ours is a patch of weeds. I will be back in a week and this time should be around long enough to blog more often.
On the home front Keith had his steroid injections into his spinal cord on Friday and is now beginning to get over the discomfort. Hopefully he should feel the benefit of it while we are away. It's Alix's 30th (shhhhh we have to say it quietly) and last night she celebrated with two of her friends who are also 30 this week. They took over the Students Union in Leeds for the night and at the moment I haven't heard how it went. I expect they are all sleeping it off.
Still miss Mum, I keep seeing places, things I'd like to talk to her about - then I remember but I expect I'll keep doing this for quite some time to come.

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Julie said...

Lots of inspiring ATCs Annette and I love your Christmassy ideas. The coastline ATC is beautiful too. Enjoy your week away. It is good to think of your Mum but I can understand how you can forget when you want to share something with her. Take care of yourselves.