Monday, 21 February 2011

Been taking a break from blogging and housework

I've been tangling - I started my February Journal Page for the Contemporary Quilters' challenge and couldn't stop tangling.  I sewed the outline of flower petals and filled in the spaces with Zentangles.  The corners and non-petal edges of each JP are different, depending upon the whim of my muse at the time of creating.  I got a bit carried away and before I knew what I'd done I'd made four JP's.  As you are only supposed to make one a month I may have to do something else for March, April and May to comply with the rules.

So here they are, all four panels, not very well photographed but good enough I think to let you get a feel for my 'Bloomin Tangled' journal pages.

I've also been making up the block of the Month on the Accuquilt Go site.  These are very traditional blocks and so far I've finished nine of them which I'll show later.


Terri said...

Did you say you sewed these pages? WOW and OMG!!!! What a talent! I love it.

Lesley said...

They look very effective! I'm itching to have a go, now, to practise my machine quilting.

Julie said...

Fabulous work Annette! I love these! I wouldn't worry about having done 4 in one go. I am planning to do the same for mine due to lack of time. I think others have done the same.