Friday, 5 April 2013

Back again

Thank you everyone who helped me with the problem of swapping readers.   I've got Feedly on my phone and on the desktop using Google Chrome and Bloglovin on my desktop too.   I like both of them, I particularly like the fact that Bloglovin sends me an email daily with the blogs I'm following.  I love Feedly's magazine format and find it easy to use.  I did have a problem with seeing my blogs on my phone as the background was black.  Then I found the settings and changed it to 'day' and now the background is white and I can actually read them.

I came across a couple of these the other day.

This one happens to be Sainsbury's but other supermarkets also have folders for their free recipe cards.  I bought several of them a while back and covered them to hold my collection of postcards and this is a leftover.   I'd been making fabric paper and thought I'd cover this one.



I didn't have any muslim to paste the papers too so used a very fine lawn.  It's okay but I prefer the muslim.   I fm quilted all over then stitched down the shapes on top.  Finally zigzagged round the edges.   It's a bit stiffer than I like but I couldn't leave the poor little folder naked now could I.

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