Thursday, 21 March 2013

Google Reader

Just a quick question before I get back to my cat.  I normally read my subscription blogs via Google Reader and as you will no doubt be aware they are turning it off on 1st July.   Has anyone moved from Google Reader to another Reader?  If so which one and how easy was it.   I've used Google Takeout to bundle all my subscripts together ready to import into another reader but am finding it frustrating to do so.   I understand Feedly is a good one but it doesn't appear to do desktop readers, only mobiles.  While it would be interesting to read my blogs via my phone I don't find it easy to do so.   Theoldreader is another RSS interface that appears to use the pc to view blogs but I don't know much about it.   Has anyone got experience of moving from Google to another RSS reader?

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Well I'm in trouble again

I opened my mouth without thinking and I'm living to regret it.  I told my dh I was going upstairs to play with my pussy!!!   This is the pussy I was playing with...... (no not what you thought - naughty)

It all started when I bought this book

I was keen to try out Rose Hughes method of freezer paper applique.   I've tried several methods of this sort and thought hers looked fun.
Her method differs only in the way you sew the pieces together.   It starts the same as other methods

copying the pattern onto freezer paper, ironing it onto fabric, this method though you iron it onto the right side of the fabric and overlap the seams.   Sew down the pattern pieces and trim back.   The main advantage of this method over fused applique is the handle of the fabric when finished and the fact that you aren't sewing through adhesive.

I decided to use one of the patterns in Rose's book as I thought she had already done all the hard work of sorting out which piece to sew first and in which order to put them together.  I always think this is the hard part so well done Rose.   I really enjoyed the process at first as the pieces were quite large.  Then we got onto the smaller more complex pieces and I had to redo several as my trimming back got a bit enthusiastic and I sniped threads more times than I like.   But I've now got my pussy all tucked up tight and ready to make into a sandwich and quilt.  Not sure yet whether I'll leave it as it is or put borders round it and make it larger.

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Still alive and kicking

I've not done anything for the last couple of weeks other than sleep and read my Kindle.  I got caught by a virus and it chased me all the way to bed.  Better now though but not got much motivation for sewing.  I've spent an hour this morning in my sewing room just moving stuff around and I've got a whole day to play - isn't it just a bummer when that happens.

The only thing I have done is make some crumb blocks, just don't ask me what I'm going to do with them.

I've got 50 of them any ideas?