Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Plus Four Day

Today was our monthly get together to play day and I really enjoyed myself.   We had decided last month that today we would do something with mixed media.  I really enjoy mixed media but there were a couple of us that hadn't tried it.

I set off with what I thought was everything but the kitchen sink but Linda won me hands down for taking stuff with her.  I have to admit that I am just a rank armature.

Pat opted out as she had some work that needed to completed so we let her off playing.

Jenny started sewing down some of the bits she had brought with her; melted plastics, melted tyvek and washers etc.  I hope to see this finished when we next meet.  Jenny always has very inventive pieces.

Elspeth is stamping dye pads onto lace to see what happens.  She had great fun and produced some lovely pieces.

Linda is talking to Jenny here about her new grandson but all her mess is out of sight.  She brought her Sizzix intending to make some cards but ended up impressing inked stamps and lace into velvet.

Love this piece of lace

As for me, well I decided to make a start on the Journal I've been intending to do for the past couple of years.

I sprayed, stamped and stencilled to my hearts content.   On this page I used a stencil I had made on my new toy.  I welded a couple of the designs that came with the machine and made positive and negative images.  I was quite pleased with the result, I also ended up with lots of painted paper towels for use later.

I stamped and coloured some images once I got home and added a border but I still need to finish it.   Think I'm going 'quote' shopping on the web.   The girl is a stamp from Jus Gorgouse.  I stamped the images on the page then onto spare paper to raise them off the page.

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