Saturday, 18 August 2007

Rose Swaps

This is the folded rose fabric postcard I did for the ArtntheMail swap. I used some sari fabric I'd been sent and organza for the leaves. The rose would have been more crisp if I'd used cotton but I wanted a more loosely packed rose such as those on the wild rose bushes. I was quite pleased with the effect but it was quite difficult to fold.

I received this card from Brigitte in France the picture doesn't really do it justice. There is a log cabin type background with an applique rose print. Around the rose Brigitte has sewn organza. It gives the effect of a rose peeping through a hedge.
Not had a lot of time for the blog this week, it's been one of hospital/GP visits. If it wasn't me it was my Mum, if not her then my dh. But we've come through with flying colours. My mum had me worried though - herr GP rang because she'd missed her appointment and told her he wanted to see her the next day, there was a problem with her blood results. Mum of course being deaf only partly heard what he said and phoned all the family to tell them something was seriously wrong with her blood and she was very ill. You can image the panic in the family. I took her to see her GP with trepidation only to find out that the hospital had asked them to check her blood pressure a month after she'd been discharged. Mum of course had forgotten this. Luckily it was normal and we all had a laugh - at mum's expense but thank goodness it was only that. What mum doesn't hear she makes up but at 91 we forgive her.

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