Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Running round in circles

I've sadly neglected my blog over the last few days and thought I'd better put something down or I was in danger for letting it lie dormant. Been one of those weeks where I seem to have done nothing but run backwards and forwards to the hospital, cook meals, wash and iron and generally be at everyone's beck and call. Mil is still in hospital but recovering from her stroke but it will be a slow process. Her other problems are beginning to take dominance healthwise, in particular the prolapse. She's in quite a lot of pain and for the last year I seem to have been doing battle with the medics over getting her some treatment. Trouble is it's not 'down' all the time and therefore surgery is not an option, wouldn't be an option anyway with her mental health and other problems. Now she's in hospital though the medics are beginning to take notice of the pain she experiences so I'm hopeful something can be done for her. Being senile is not a reason for non-treatment and I feel very strongly about that so I shout for her.

One bright spot last week was the Knitting and Stitching show - ho how I love to spend money at that show..... came back empty pocketed (is that a word?) but happy. I bought quite a lot of art materials with the intension of making an art quilt and several books including the last two Jan and Jean books in the Double Trouble series. Still haven't read any of them yet but I'm hopeful. I bought a Susa Glenn bag pattern that I'm making for my Mum - and that's another story. I also bought a Monkey Pockets bag pattern to make for my son's girlfriend. I'll post pictures later as I don't want her peeking at this blog and seeing what she's getting.

Mum's bag is a simple over the shoulder bag with a zipper pocket on the back. For the last couple of days I've not been too well so I thought I'd make a start on it last night to take my mind off things. Got the back and front cut out - no got two fronts. Not a problem I just cut the back out of the spare front. Got the zipper put in and the secret pocket put in - no I put it on the front piece not the back and to make matters worse I sewed upside down!!!!! Gave up and watched telly.

Also had a bad day with equipment, been breaking all sorts of things the final straw though was the spring loaded holder for lancets so I can take blood to check my blood levels for my diabetes broke. The little knob on the top you push to release the lancet into your finger came off. Actually it came off a few days back but I just kept putting it back on again. Yesterday however I lost it somewhere in the dust on the floor and I think I vaccumed it up. Ah well I thought I'll have to buy another but wondered whether my diabetic nurse could give me another - no harm in asking. She wasn't in and they said she'd ring me back, well she didn't so today I bought a new one. Guess what - I now have a message on the answer machine saying she's left one for me to pick up at the surgery so now I have two.

Off to see Beowulf tonight not sure whether it's the 3D version or not as my son is taking us all as a treat.

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