Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Still running in circles

Well yesterday I thought I'd got everything organised. Mil is ready to be kicked out of hospital but now requires EMI nursing care rather than just EMI residential care. There are only two homes that have nursing qualification for the elderly mentally ill (Alzheimers) and we took a thorough look at both. The first one was the fatherest away from our home but was lovely, clean, plenty of room, the patients looked happy and well cared for and we heard laughter from both staff and patients. True the floor needed hoovering but that was carried out when we were there. They were also able to take care of mil's nursing needs.

The second smelled of cabbage, the decor was grubby but the Manager explained he'd only been in post 6 weeks and had plans to redecorate in a more tactile manner (themed areas, kitchen, garden, sports etc with articles stuck on the wall that they could touch as they walked up and down the corridor). I liked the idea and continued on the inspection. There was only two bathrooms for 41 patients and a shower room. In one bathroom boxes with what looked like old clothes were stored there and in the second one more boxes and two wheelchairs. The shower room floor was muddy, looked like someone had had a shower with their boots on!!

Both homes had two places and we choose the first one even though the cost was astronomical!Today we heard from the hospital mil is in that they are unable to take her now due to reshuffling. So now we have no choice but to put mil into a home I really don't want her in. I've contacted social services to see if anything else is available somewhere much further away and am awaiting their response.

Good news though my padfolio arrived safe and sound and with some beautiful threads from Myfanwy - thank you Myfanwy. I've been busy making free standing lace bells for friends and relatives - these will be my Christmas cards this year. Haven't a photo of them yet as the need sewing together but will do that later tomorrow.

Going out for Christmas lunch tomorrow, really need the company at present. Monday we're off to Valkenburg for a few days also really looking forward to the break.

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