Friday, 28 December 2007

Journal Pages

We decided to go out for a walk this morning, first one for a long time. We went to Pinchinthorpe near Guisborough and walked along the dismantled railway line. It was warm 12deg C but damp. There were a lot of cyclists, walkers and joggers out and we all wished each other a Happy Christmas etc. I took this photo of the Winter Trees with the North York Moors behind them. Just out of shot is Roseberry Topping a peak of approx 1000 ft just off to the left.
I've had more time to play than I anticipated and have done two 6" journal pages this week. One is pinks, purples and blue based on the painting "The Pink Room" by Emma Williams. The JP is for a swap on Surface Design and is based on the colours of your favourite artist. To be honest I don't actually have a favourite artist I like lots of them but this painting speaks to me. I seem to be coming up with more pink things these days, usually its autumnal colours. Not sure whether it means anything!!
The second journal page is violet and gold although the photo looks more dark blue. It's for an "Opposites" challenge and I chose a colour wheel opposite. The colour scheme is a bit outside my comfort zone which is why I did it.

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