Tuesday, 18 November 2008

October Journal Page

Hmm looks like the photos have come in backwards so I'll have to start at the end and work forward.

November's theme for the private swap was 'medieval' and my postcards are based on illuminated letters . However they are taking much longer that I anticipated and so far I've only finished the letters 'B' and 'C'. I have another C and a J to do, not to mention an A for me.

Yes it is a 'C'even though it looks a bit like a lowercase 'a'.
I've been really busy this week catching up with sewing that over the past couple of weeks has taken a back seat. This is a taster of my art quilt for Kate North's 'ALQS - another little quilt swap', It's called "Chaos Theory" I really hope its recipient will understand what I've tried to protray, fingers crossed. I'll show the full quilt once its new owner has adopted it.

Black Magic Woman is October's Journal Page for the CQ 2008 challenge. I had to remake September's Lily the Pink so its pushed the deadline back a bit. I now have two months to do in December, no pressure there then. I've had the JP hanging around a bit trying to get inspiration for the blank bit in the left-hand corner. I tend to have my "moments of inspiration" about 3am or on the bus on the way home from town but so far my moments have all been blank.
My work in progress for this month is getting smaller I now only have the TIF and TextileChallenge Group November Arch left to do. The TIF challenge this month is to do something with text and after giving it some thought I decided to digitise some text. I've got it sewn out but need to finish it off so will put in a piccy next time.
In addition to the above pieces I've done more work on the 100 stitches challenge but again haven't scanned in the last batch. Hopefully I'll get them done this week and will add photos to the blog.


Genie said...

Hi annette,
some lovely work
thankyou for postcard arrived safely this morning.

Elizabeth said...

Dear Annette!!
SUch amazing work you have been creating!! Your Dear MIL is so very blessed to have you , I hope that she really appreciates you!! Your illuminated letters are glorious and your books are brilliant!!! Just lvoe them. I also love seeing how you soldiered on with the Wigwam book project- you are a very determined one !!! And well worth the effort.

I have been very involved in the politic's of the Obama campaign here in the states- My kids and Hubby started to forget what I looked like!! But it was well worth it!!!!! I am so relieved for the world that this amazing man will try to make things right!!
Big Hugs to you my friend!!!
Fondly, Elizabeth