Friday, 14 November 2008

Time to reflect on the week

It's been a busy week and ages since I blogged. Good news though is that Jan my mil has had her op (boy was that a long day!!) and the results are very good. The problem turned out to be a very large polyp which they removed the majority of and that should resolve the problem of her pain. She was a bit distressed when she was in recovery and they sent for me to calm her down. I spent nearly two hours holding her like a baby but eventually all was well and she enjoyed her cuppa and toast. Within a very short time she'd forgotten everything and was full of cheer.
On Saturday I went to a workshop held by the Spinners & Weavers (I'm not a member but my friend is) on Japanese Bookbinding run by Sue Foulkes. It was a thoroughly enjoyable day and I came away having made 7 books - 1 small one and 6 mini ones.

I covered the small/medium sized book with some fabric paper I'd made previously, it has much more gold in it than appears in this photo. (Opps where the photo gone? it was there).
This is the inside of the book (photo missing) and three of the mini books so you can get some idea of size.
Here's all six the book fronts are made from bits of advdrtisements, the green one is a picture of leeks and the blue one at the back fish.
Most of the rest of the week has been taken up with trying to get samples made for a craft class I'll be leading next year for the U3A. Its a bit difficult seeing the members are all ages and skills. One of the things I thought we might do was tapestry and as I also had to make a card for a swap with Stitchinfingers the theme of which is "autumn colours" I thought I'd kill two birds with one stone.

Close up of part of the postcrd I painted the fabric gold before starting the stitching.

The whole card and nothing but the card - this is for Maggie Robinson, Maggie if you are reading this I'm sorry its a bit late but I held it back to show the members of the U3A this morning. Its gone in the post today.
Keith's back has been playing him up again, think he wanted to run before he could walk so I got him to help make some samples for me. This is Keith's tissue box made from plastic canvas, I love him.

Finally but certainly not least is this Arch I received from Aynsley as part of the Surface Design Arch Swap. Aynsley has done quite a bit of painting ont he background but not all of it shows up too well in the photo.


Julie said...

Lots of lovliness on your blog today Annette, not least your beautiful postcard.

Well done for taking such wonderful care of your MIL, she would have been so confused and frightened by what was happening to her. I'm sure yu were exhausted afterwards. I hope you get chance to relax this weekend.

KC'sCourt! said...

What gorgeous books and the the postcard is wonderful - I wish I could create things like that.

Ann J said...

Glad to hear that Jan is getting over some of her troubles!...AJ