Monday, 5 January 2009

Sand, Sea and Diggers

Happy New Year to everyone its a while since I last blogged but I hope to blog more often in 2009.

We set off from Newcastle Airport to a beautiful sunrise on the 29th December and

arrived in Spain to rain. They had had the worst weather for over 50 years. On Boxing Day they had a horrendous storm that caused a massive landslide at Monserrat. Over 1000 people had to be removed from the mountain top monastery by cable car as the slide had taken away part of the main road up to it. Several tour buses were still on Monserrat when we left over a week later. The storm also lashed the Costa Bravo so much so that the sand had been pushed into the towns along the coastal strip. In some towns boats were pushed up and floated in the High Street.

A massive clean up was underway removing wreckage from the beach and pushing the sand from the towns back to the beach and spreading it to the tideline. The place was full of 'big boy toys' Keith loved watching them but you couldn't walk on the beach the 'digger' tracks were too deep.

Some of the damage caused, this was at Tossa del Mar, there were actually two large boats smashed up on this beach but you can only really see one in the photo.

It wasn't all doom and gloom though, you'll be pleased to hear they are still working on the Familia Sagrada. High rise cranes were very much in evidence and the work is beautiful. This is just a small section of the many sculptures around the outside of the church.

I love Barcelona it seems that every corner has some hidden piece of art or decorative art covering a building. This 'Guidi' type piece was lurking underneath a window in one of the many squares.

A door panel on a gateway in the old quarter of Barcelona.

I was fascinated with the way they use stones and the tops and bottoms of wine bottles to create patterns in the pavement.

And naturally you can't go to Barcelona without going down La Rambla to see the pavement artists.

We spent a couple of hourse in Girona where the roof tops reminded me of Italy but its not surprising considering the history of Spain.

Finally (and I apologise for the photo I look bald the paper hat had flattened it!!) Keith and I enjoying our New Years Eve dinner.
I don't really believe in making resolutions because I never keep them but I have signed on for a couple (or three) of year long challenges. It's going to be my resolutions - to finish them.
I've signed up for the BQL monthly 'Calendar Quilt' challenge, the 'House Swap' on Textilechallenge group and Sharron Boggon's 'Stitch Explorer' challenge on Stitchinfingers.
I may join this years Contemporary Quilting 2009 challenge when I find out what it is.
I also want to do experiment a bit more, explore journalart, screen printing and continue swapping fabric postcards. In addition I've made a commitment to teach a craft class for the U3A. I think these should keep me out of trouble for a bit.
Davey if you read this Keith want's to know if you've managed to work out how he made your Christmas Card.

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Julie said...

Happy New Year Annette. I hope it's a good one for you.