Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Rats and Sheep

This is going tobe a short blog as I'm stealing time from cleaning the house before the Christmas onslaughter of family and friends, which I am actually looking forward to. No photos I'm afraid I'll post them next time.

Rats - this is Mum's problem, her flat backs onto a beck and there are rats living along the bankside. Unfortunately for Mum they have found their way into her flat and attached her christmas presents. She got up yesterday to find wrapping paper torn up and scattered around her living room. It appears that rats like chocolate!! they ate the whole box. I managed to get the pest controller out and he dealt with the pests. It appeared they were coming in through the holes in her wall where a gas boiler had been installed. The holes are now no more and hopefully Mum won't be troubled with them any more.

As for sheep - have you every been trapped in a car with two men discussing why sheep appear to stand straight even on a hillside. The theories ranged from strategic holes in the ground to hydraulic legs to spring loaded wellies. Are all men like this when they get together or is it just my luck to have creative conversationalists?

Keith and I are off to Spain on Sunday for the New Year so this might be my last blog of 2008. In case it is I wish everyone a really great festive season and a very creative 2009/.


Julie said...

Your poor Mum! I can't think of anything worse, I'm glad it's been sorted. We think we had rats in our loft some time ago and put poison up there. It kept disappearing but we never found any bodies.

I believe that sheep that live on hills have two short legs on one side and two longer legs on the other to help them stand up! lol There's a few other things I've heard about sheep that are not fit to be repeated here, a bit too rude! lol

Have a lovely Christmas and a great trip to Spain. Happy New Year.

black bear cabin said...

Hope your holidays are a blast!!!
Merry Christmas!!!

KC'sCourt! said...

Hope you had a good Christmas and
have a good break