Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Catching my breatheat last

At last I'm beginning to catch my breath again. We seem to have been in a whirlwind of official documentation following Keith's redundancy and his decision to take early retirement. The trip to Lincoln gave us some breathing time and we came back ready to start again. Lincoln was beautiful the sun seemed to highlight the cathedral and we got marvellous views from whichever way we to walk. The downside was it was bitterly cold, cold enough to nip the tops off my ears. To crown everything I left my glasses in the hotel and didn't realise until we were almost in Lincoln. Luckily the hotel found them and said they'd send them on, so far though there's no sign of them. I must ring the hotel tomorrow to find out whether they have actually sent them. In the meantime my middle and long vision is being dealt with by my driving glasses and reading by my close work glasses. I've gone mad with white, I made a very large background piece and was determined to use it all. So far I've made several fabric postcards from the fabric - the pontsettia bordern ones are for the private swap group.
I also made an arch, my December arch for Gabriela. This is the last one in the year long challenge on the TextileChallenge site I've really enjoyed this challenge and shall miss making arches but I'm sure I'll enjoy next years just as much.
The background is a layered one consisting of wadding, layers of threads, silver gilt flakes topped with crystal organza. The whole thing was then randomly fme'd. I made some free standing lace bells from an Embroidery Library design and stitched these individually onto a ribbon. Finally I added brads, buttons and glitter.

These three designs were made in the same manner as those above but I've added sequins and beads to the background. The cards are for family and friends - I've still got quite a lot to finish but hope to get them in the post before the weekend.
I've finished my December Journal Page for the Contemporary Quilt subgroup of the Quilters Guild - guess what colour it is? Correct 'White' but I haven't photographed it yet as the light has been so bad. Unlike the arch and the cards I cannot put the JP on the scanner as its too big. I hope to get one soon and when I do I'll post a photo.
My Secret Santa present is almost ready, this again is for the TextileChallenge group but I can't say too much about this at the moment.
I've almost finished the 100 Stitches challenge, we're up to Day 97 on the challenge and I'm only two days behind. I'm not doing quite so well with the TAST challenge but I will get there.
I haven't seen my Mum for a week and I feel I've neglected her a bit. This is mainly due to Keith's news knocking the stuffing out of us and our weekend away. She's okay about it but still at her age and at this time of the year she feels a bit down without company. Jan my mil is fine since her op last month she's been painfree and is quite happy walking up and down the halls of her home smiling and singing. She even seems to remember we're family now and then.
It's getting late now and my eyes are getting tired using these glasses so I'll shut up for a while.


Angelcat said...

Wow you have been busy. I love all of the white pieces, they are very striking!

McIrish Annie said...

Annette, your cards are beautiful.
Sorry to hear about your DH's position. But early retirement sounds lovely.

Hope your holidays are as bright and beautiful as your cards.

Julie said...

All the white work is beautiful Annette. I'm glad your MIL is well and happy.