Monday, 1 December 2008

100 Stitches again

I got really bored trying to scan in each day's seam treatment and gave up I think somewhere around the half way mark. The following two blocks contain the seam treatments from Day 72 up to Day 89 plus a few extra. I've started block 10 and have gone far as Day 92 and will put in another couple of stitches once I've finished this blog as its almost curfew time. Block 8 completed, last time I showed this block it still has a few rounds to go.
Block 9 I think I'll have around 12 blocks done when the challenge is completed, which should be before Christmas. When I've finished the challenge I'm going to back each piece with iron-on vilene stabiliser and make a wallhanging with some of the blocks.

I made this Christmas coasters because I wanted something fun and quick to make. As these are commercial designs I could just pop the appropriate fabric under the needle and enjoy seeing them come to life. Keith's already bagged the Santa so mine is the snowman.
Keith can now drive and that's official yehhhhh!!! He still can't bend and twist much and he still has sciatic type pain, which he's been told may take some time to ease. However he feels as though he's on the mend because he can start doing normal jobs again. I admit to feeling a little ambiguous about his return to driving, although I've always preferred to be driven I have to admit to actually beginning to enjoy it again.


Anni's Art said...

Hi Annette wonderful block with embroidery, love the colours you use.

Angelcat said...

Your stitching for the 100 days project is beautiful, and I love those cheerful christmas coasters!

KC'sCourt! said...

Love the 100 days project! The stitching is beautiful.

Genie said...

Lovely work Annette.

McIrish Annie said...

Hi Annette! I haven't been by in a while but stopped today to tell you how much I LOVED the Chaos quilt. I didn't take on this swap but now I wished I had! and the medieval cards are fabulous! I do miss swapping with all of you but Life is just sooo busy. Guess I'll just have to lust for them a bit longer!
Glad to hear that Keith is on the mend!!

kiwicarole said...

Annette your stitching is absolutely beautiful!
Carole ;)