Friday, 5 December 2008

Mixed blessings

No photos again I'm afraid the light isn't good enough to take any tonight. I've managed to get my December Journal Page finished and a set of four postcards for private swap. These have taken my mind off the news that Keith has been made redundant.

He it was a bit of a shock even though he half expected it. His firm is not doing too well at present with a large downturn in orders due to the credit crunch. They have been making people redundant for a while now, mainly last in first out. Keith has mixed feelings about it, he isn't too unhappy as he's been considering taking early retirement but he'll miss his colleagues. It is a bit of a mixed blessing - now he'll have more time to finish the cupboard he's been making me for eons.

Anyway we're off to Lincoln tomorrow for the weekend, we're going to the Christmas Market there so I'll post photos when I get back.


Genie said...

Hi Annette,
sorry to hear abt Kieth's job, have fun at the market.

Julie said...

Hope you have a good weekend in Lincoln Annette, I'm sure it will be hectic.

Sounds like times are going to change for you both. My DH has taken partial retirement at 60 and we are both adjusting slowly. If your DH was already thinking about retiring it sounds as tho the Fates have taken a hand.