Wednesday, 29 April 2009

April Journal Page Finished

It's taken me ages but at last it's in the bag, so to speak. The background is space dyed velvet in burgundy,pink,green cut and reassembled between two different green silks several times to create a 'brick' affect. Stems were made from machine made cords and the flowers from layers of pink, purple and gold organza. The flowers were attached with beading. I've called it "Climbing the Wall" because that's how I felt when making the background. This is for the Contemporary Quilters 2009 Journal Page challenge. All I have to do now is upload the photos to their site.

I've just had a nasty fright though. Earlier this year I signed up to make a ChallengeQuilt based on the last book I had read. The aforesaid quilt to be 20" square. The deadline date I thought was end of May, nope its Friday!!!!! and I haven't started so I'm off now to begin, wish me luck.


Genie said...

Lovely work Annette, and good luck with the Challenge

Julie said...

Definitely good luck with the challenge! The JQ looks well worth the effort.

Jean Lennon said...

Thats great Annette much patience needed. Jean