Sunday, 19 April 2009

No rest for the wicked

and boy I must have been really wicked. Keith's shed has taken up all the spare time over the past few days and you wouldn't believe how much you can store in one small shed. Everything was taken out and spread across the garden and spread into the house. The shed was then inspected and a decision made to buy a new one. This meant extending the base which in turn meant digging up half my flower bed and relocating the plants. Luckily Sy took over here and bless him he's worked really hard laying the base again. Marc came up on Saturday and between the pair of them and several of their friends erected Keith's lovely new workshop/shed. He's a happy bunny and hopefully it will keep him out of my hair long enough to allow me to sew.
These two cards arrive in the past couple of days they are Jennifer and Brigitte's response to the theme 'geometry'.
Mine I hope will be completed tomorrow when we have a 'burning' day with Serendippity. We're taking a technique from Margaret Beal's book and seeing what turns up. I'll post about that later in the week.

I managed to get March's journal page finished, yes I know I'm late but I did start it in March. I scanned the page which was just a tad long for the scanner, hence the missing top and bottom barders. I really must take a photograph of it before I can post the photo into the group folder. I've also made a start on the April one but will show that when its complete. I still haven't got a theme for this years challenge and I procrastinate so much that the month is almost over before I decide what to do.

One challenge I've enjoyed doing is the house challenge on Textilechallenge. This month's house is Jan Lewis's "Country Cottage" theme. I chose to do a crazy patchwork background (well almost) and embroider the seams. I got a bit carried away at times and Jan's house was in danger of crumbling under the weight of stitch. The window is the inside of a tomato paste tube.
Mum had her hip op yesterday and is doing well but to say that this last week has been a bit hard on the old stress levels would be an understatement. At one point I thought I wasn't going to get Mum into hospital but in the end she went quietly. Between Keith's shed and Mum I really needed the calming effect of sewing the house challenge. I'm hoping that next week is much calmer.

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Julie said...

Both your Journal Quilt and the house are lovely. I love all the stitched detail and embellishments on the house.

I'm glad your Mum managed to have her op. I know how difficult and harrowing it must have been for you as my Mum in law had dementia and could be extremely uncooperative.

I hope you get a quieter week this week and time for some "me time". Look after yourself.