Saturday, 6 June 2009

Back at last

It's been an age since I last blogged or at least it seems like it. A lot of things have been going on over the last few weeks, not all good. I caught the dreaded lurgy and it caused me a few breathing problems but they went with the Italian sun. Our holiday was lovely, we saw lots of beautiful places and I'll post photos in my next blog.

In the meantime back at the ranch the postman had been really busy and on return from Italy three beautiful journals awaited me. This touchy feely velvet and silk one from Margaret Roberts, love these colours.
Iris Bell's fantastic paper and fabric flower journal. I should say the insides of each of these journals is a work of art too.

Aynsley McKay's journal was completely different being made from melted plastic and very well done. Aynsley has created a unique journal and again her inside pages are all decorated too.

These two postcards are from the private swap with the May theme of 'anatomy'. Top one is from Jennifer and the bottom one from Cindy. I also got today one from Christine and mine are ready for the post but I will show those in the next post as I haven't scanned them yet.

And finally I received this beautiful little atc from Anni. Anni has made paper fabric for the background and layered images, lace and stamped. A really well made little atc which I love.

Now for some more bad news and then some good news.
Bad news is my mil is very ill and we aren't certain she is going to recovery. She was fine on Wednesday, singing and laughing but Thursday morning broke to find her far from well. So far they haven't been able find out what the problem is and its felt that perhaps she is nearing her time and we've been told to let the family know she may not get better.
Good news is - we've adopted a Staffy from the Dogs Trust. Buster is 4.5 years old, lively and very friendly. We've been considering getting a dog for a while now we are both retired and my son Simon and his girlfriend Julie both wanted a dog. We hope to get Buster on Wednesday and we can't wait.


Julie said...

Lots of lovely post Annette. The journals are bautiful. I met Margaret last week while we were in Wales, she's sooooo friendly, a lovely lady :o)

I'm sorry to hear about your MIL. You must hold on to the happy memories. Take care of yourself.

MargaretR said...

Just read what Julie said about me (g)She's too kind!
What a great welcome home you had. Nice to have you back.

I'm so sorry to hear about your MiL, but I'm glad the Italian sun helped clear up your chest infection. Look forward to your photos.

Joanna van said...

Beautiful journals Annette! I hope you don't mind if I use your picture of Mags journal for our homepage. They are all so lovely!!!