Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Not all doom and gloom

I thought I'd show some of our Italian/French Riveria holiday as a reaction to all the doom and gloom we've been going through since arriving home. Portofino where Rod Stewart has a holiday home, we did wave to him but he didn't wave back. It is a beautiful little island but we'd need to win the European Lottery to even think of living here. But I can see why people love it.
Think I might go in for this model next time I buy a new machine it seemed to keep its price!!!! Not sure what make it was but it weighed a ton.

One of the things I love about Italy is the amount of vegetation on the roofs. This one has alliums would you believe, I find them difficult enough to grow in the garden let alone a roof.

Wherever you go along the mediterranean coastline you will see row of sunbeds and beach umbrellas. These were in Diano Marina where we were staying. In many tourist towns you will find the best spots on the beach are owned by hotels and they put the beds and umbrellas out for their customers. You can rent one but again its expensive.
I'm off now to pick up our newly adopted dog Buster, Sy has just arrived home and he is getting impatient so I'll blog later.


McIrish Annie said...

Congrats on getting Buster! A little dog should keep you both quite busy.

Julie said...

Beautiful photos and Whoo Hoo! Buster!

Julie said...

I'm sure you'll be far too busy to blog now :o)