Monday, 27 July 2009

Good news at last!!!

Wonderful news, my elder son Marc and his partner Alix have decided to get married next summer and announced their engagement yesterday. We are so pleased and I'm sure they will be very happy they suit each other so well. Good news on the Mum front too - she is confounding the medics and is beginning to stay awake long enough to talk to us. In fact this morning she told me I needed my hair washed!! I'd just washed it as I was going to get it cut after I'd seen her but there is quite a lot of grey in it at the moment and it was very flat.

I have also done some sewing, not a lot but a start. I think my muse is returning. These cards are for July's 'feather' theme. I started to make windows thinking I'd write the addresses around the outside then thought better of it. I backed the windows with paper fabric and beaded the feathers.

Cindy's 'feather' card was the first of the set I received and she has chosen to depict the feather theme with an indian wind chime. I know there is a name for them but it alludes me at the moment I'm sure someone will remind me of it. It will probably come to me around 3 in the morning!!

Jennifer and Brigitte have both depicted feathers (as did I). Brigitte's card is machine embroidered and beaded. It's the last card Brigitte will make for the group as she is leaving us to do other things.

Jennifer's 'feather' card is not done justice by this photo. The background is red velvet and the feather is a black rook's feather painted with a red stripe. Jennifer has beaded the end and it looks really good when seen in 'real life'.
We've decided to have August off from making cards and will resume in September. Brigitte will be missed five was a good number to swap with and we hope eventually someone might like to join with us to replace Brigitte.
I still don't have a printer and I'm beginning to feel incapacitated by its loss. I've tried to find a wireless printer that also has a duplexer so I can do double sided printing. So far I haven't found anything suitable, I can find all in ones but I have a good scanner and can live without a copier and a fax. Guess I'll just have to get my nose to the grindstone again but I've just had a thought for a bag so I'm off to the sewing machine.


Sue said...

I'm thrilled to read of the good things happening in your life at the moment and so glad your creativity has been freed up in consequence. Dreamcatcher is the word you were looking for, so now you can sleep well tonight!

Threadhead said...

Congratulations on the new wedding! My daughter is getting married next Auust!
Also glad your Mum is feeling better!

Dotti said...

Sue is right. They are dream catchers...they catch out the evil spirits! Will you have to be doing a wedding quilt now?

Anonymous said...

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