Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Metal Fences Hurt!!

I decided to take a break from quilting the front of this cushion cover made from my scrap bag.

Buster needed a walk and I needed a break as my neck and shoulders were aching.  I've not done so much quilting for a while.  I'd been testing out some of the patterns on Leah Day's site that I've blogged about before.

Buster was very well behaved but my feet weren't so co-operative.  I slipped on a patch of wet mud and slammed my hand against a metal fence.

Nothing was broken but my hand was painful and very swollen for a few days, now its just colourful but I can put a little pressure on my thumb now without too much difficulty.   The incident though also brought on my asthma and is the reason for my non-blogging over the past few days.  

I am almost back to normal now and will be sewing again later tonight.  

We're off to Snaiton tomorrow (just outside of Scarborough) to look at wood lathes.  I love the ride over the moors and hope to get a couple of photos on the way.   We were there on Monday but it was a damp drizzly day when everything looked wet brown and dull.

Since Bogods (Bernina UK) replaced my new 830 sewing machine just before Christmas everything seems fine but I thought I'd go on the proffered two day training course.  So I'm off next week to London and have booked myself into a hotel near the Barbican.   I'm looking forward to a couple of days just for me.


Julie said...

Oh dear, Annette, that looks very painful. I'm glad you're on the mend though and that it wasn't broken. Enjoy your London trip, it sounds very exciting :o)

Anonymous said...

wonderful ..................................................

Erica said...

Ouch - that hand looks so painful. Do keep molly coddling it. The trip to London sounds just what you need. I do envy those of you in the UK as you have so many more opportunities to visit galleries and places where you can see old and contemporary embroideries.

Mermaid's Purse said...

Ooooh, the cushion is gorgeous!!!