Friday, 29 January 2010

Managed to get some sewing done

Yesterday my hand was less painful and I could again hold the fabric to embroider.  I wanted to make some hearts to go on a valentine card for Keith this is the result.
I sewed them on silk that I had dyed some time back and forgotten about.  I put felt underneath then just let my needle to the wandering.  I'm not sure whether I'll put it on a valentine card, I might just make it into a brooch as I like them.

Lorna sent her last card  as a member of the private group based on the Doodles theme.  She has decided to drop in order to concentrate of the projects she is doing this year.   Lorna has again created a background of fibres covered in a sheer  which she then randomly quilted and 'doodled' hand and machine embroidery in the spaces.

Yesterday we crossed the North York Moors again to look at wood lathes.  This time Keith actually bought one and all the way back he kept saying that he wanted to get home and play but I was mean to him and kept making him stop so I could take photos.
I took this one while they were loading the lathe into the car I just love the colours of the wood.
We stopped at Thornton-le-Dale for lunch  and I took these photos of a cottage near the beck.   I love thatched cottages but I'm think the harsh winter has taken its toll on this one.  Up close it looks in need of a bit of tlc as the thatch had a green moss tinge to it and is looking a bit weatherbeaten.

The moors are really damp and brown looking at the moment and the odd spot of snow is still hanging around.   Another photo stop, this time at the Hole of Hocum, supposedly made when a giant picked up a lump of earth to throw at another giant, Finn I believe of the Giant's Causeway in Ireland fame but it was probably something much more mundane.  It's about 7.5 miles all the way round it and quite a hard climb down and back up again.  I know we've done it a couple of times but not yesterday.  The photo isn't very good it doesn't do the 'hole' justice.

Keith and I are feeling our age tonight, we got up at 2:00am to take Sy and Julie to the airport, they are off to Rome for a few days.   Naturally we didn't go to sleep for fear of sleeping in nor could we get back to sleep when we got home as by that time we were wide awake.   Oh for the time when we could stay up dancing all night and still get up feeling fresh for work the next day.   Today we could hardly drum up the energy to take the dog out.


Julie said...

Glad your hand is a bit more comfortable today, the hearts are lovely and would make beautiful brooches. Thank you for showing the photos of Thornton and the Hole they brought back happy memories, we do like Yorkshire and sometimes stay in a cabin just outside Pickering.

Angelcat said...

Your embroidered hearts are so pretty.