Wednesday, 17 February 2010

I've had my head down working hard

I was way behind with my Journal Pages for the Contemporary Quilt 2010 Challenge and had to put my head down and go for it.  Although I thought I'd got away without any damage it transpired that I had in fact cracked the large joint in my thumb.  Holding fabric for any length of time was difficult so my sewing has been done in short but intense bursts.   First job was to finish my January JP.  I'd done the background before I fell but after leaving it lying around for a few days decided it looked more like the council allotments, all of similar shape with a greenhouse in the middle.   I used running stitch in a variety of colours to represent the tilled plots and beads for the fruit, flowers and veggies to be found there.   It is ironic in that it was outside the allotments that I fell hurting my hand.  Maybe my muse is getting its own back.
While I was on a role I finished my February JP in record time.   Again I reused bits that I'd done before.  This time the hearts made from hand dyed silk.  I sewed the hearts onto pink felt and machined round a paper template I'd made.  I used the two I'd embroidered and made into a brooch (I removed the pin) for the centre.  For the background I used the endless sewing option on my machine (shown on my training day with Bernina) then fmq'd over the top to knock back the deep thread colour I'd used.    I also used some of the hearts to make Valentine atc's, one of which I swapped with Amanda of ATC Mixed Media group fame.   My Valentine atc's are shown below and Amanda's to me is in the group of four atc's, one Valentine and three patchwork.  My patchwork ones are the green and orange ones.  Again I've reused patchwork bits left over from previous projects.   Did I say that this year I'm trying to use left-overs.  I may not always be able to recycle but I am going to try and do it whenever possible.

Not sure I've got the hang of the new version of Blogger.  I like the fact that you can insert bits where you want without having to load them in reverse order but I'm finding it a bit difficult to reorganise them once on the page.  Ah well, I'll just have to keep practising.

I've also finished my monochromatic atc's and my Puzzle challenge quilt for the 3Creative Studios but I haven't photographed it yet.  I'll post them tomorrow along with the wonderful bunch of atc's I've received in the post this morning.   I'll also try and take some photos of the monoprinting I did with Markal sticks when the Dippies (Serendipity) met on Monday.

Good news is that Sy and Julie have got a place of their own and will be moving in on the 26th.  In the meantime I've been charged with making them a laundry basket and cushion covers.  Better get started.


Julie said...

Well done for getting the JQs done Annette. My February is still just in my head! I can see myself doing February March and April all in March as April is going to be a bit busy too!

I'm sorry to hear about your hand, I hope it soon heals.

AdeleSews said...

Ouch that hand looks sore! I Love looking through to see what you have been up to. I think my step dad used to live in one of those thatched cottages, before he married my mum.